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7 Things That Need to Be On Your SEO Site Audit Checklist

7 Things That Need to Be On Your SEO Site Audit Checklist

Accessing information online is changing everything from the way we work to the way we shop – more than 263 million Americans shop online. And a key part of how individuals access this information is search engine optimization (SEO). Sure, paid advertisements are a way to attract attention, but it is the organic content that users trust…

Why Is Website Maintenance Important: A Complete Guide

Why Website Maintenance is Important

Did you know that more than one in four small businesses don’t even have a website? In today’s increasingly digital world, having a web presence is all but essential for businesses of all sizes. While having a basic website to help your customers learn about your company is better than nothing, it’s important to understand that websites…

SEO Content Writing Best Practices: What You Need To Know

SEO Content Writing Practices What You Need To Know

Did you know that only 0.78 percent of all Google users click on the second search results page? As you can imagine, if your website happened to rank as the first website on the second page of Google, you would be missing out on a huge amount of traffic just because you’re not located on the first…

How to Get Google Reviews for Your Business

How to Get Google Reviews for Your Business

A recent report found that more than 81% of modern consumers need to trust brands before buying from them. Many companies have been on the news for corrupt and unethical corporate practices which don’t sit well with the public. As a result, consumers have become more reliant on peer reviews and opinions when deciding to buy anything….

How to Get Found on Google: A Guide

If you’ve paid attention to the marketing world in the last five years, you’ve undoubtedly heard about SEO. Well, getting noticed on Google is one of the most sought-after prizes in business, and for good reason. SEO is often more cost-effective and offers a greater ROI than PPC campaigns in the long run. Luckily, with the right…

Future Ecommerce Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Future Ecommerce Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Close to 80 percent of Americans shop online. Let that sink in. With numbers like that, the only thing that’s stopping people from doing all their shopping online is limitations in technology. However, the advancements in technology being made right now will soon lead to the ride of many future eCommerce trends. If you’re starting an…

WooCommerce Vs. Shopify: Which Ecommerce Site Is Right for You?

WooCommerce Vs Shopify Which Ecommerce Site Is Right for You

It’s hard to ignore all the innovative product ads popping up in your social media news feed. For those of you born and bred entrepreneurs, you’ll undoubtedly feel a pull to start your first lovingly-crafted eCommerce store. After all, if success stories are true, starting an online shop has never been easier, partly thanks to…

12 Email Marketing Best Practices to Welcome Successful Campaigns

12 Email Marketing Best Practices to Welcome Successful Campaigns

The world of digital marketing is still fairly new, but if there is a tried and true digital marketing tool around, it’s email marketing. Well, it’s only gotten better. Believe it or not, the average ROI for email marketing campaigns is $42 for every $1 spent. Those numbers are hard to beat, so if you want…

Why Do I Need a Website for My Small Business?

Why Do I Need a Website for My Small Business

Ever wondered if running a website is a worthwhile investment? Should you pay the costs for professional small business web design? There are over 1.9 billion sites live at this very moment. A lot of those sites are your competitors, fighting tooth and nail for attention from clients. You always have to ask if it’s worth jumping…

Ecommerce Conversion Rate: eCommerce Conversion Optimization Tips

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Tips

Do you sell anything online? Whether you’re selling clothes, planners, accessories, or something else, you are running an e-commerce business. Big or small, your e-commerce business is transforming searchers into visitors and visitors into customers. The number of searchers that you turn into customers represents your store’s e-commerce conversion rate. It’s likely that you’ve thought…