Construction Web Design Services

Construction Web Design Services

Last year, the annual residential construction revenue hit the $89 billion mark and commercial construction revenue hit the $235 billion mark. If there’s one thing we know, construction will always be necessary for the United States.

Although annually it’s a lot of money for the overall industry, we understand that each individual construction company has its struggles. When you have to compete for projects, finding the right leads is key.

Generating sales starts with a website. Read on to learn how a construction web design service can help you succeed in the field.

The Ideal Homepage

Construction web design begins with a homepage and hiring services can help you create the ideal one for your business. A construction web development company will offer the following tips to create the best homepage:

Place Your Work Up Front

If a customer lands on your website and can’t figure out what your business is all about, it’s a problem. Your homepage should automatically scream construction services.

The best web design companies will figure out exactly what should go on your homepage to gain and convert visitors. For example, they may suggest showing the construction process or work examples on the homepage.

Starting with a video is also another great idea. This can introduce your company better than words can. It is well-known that visual information is perceived quicker than other forms of information.

If using video content on your homepage is not right for your business, try to utilize it elsewhere on your website or in your marketing campaigns.

Tell a Story

If you want your visitors to convert, you’ll need to tell a story about how great your company is and why someone should choose you over the competitor. Website design services will emphasize the importance of storytelling on the homepage.

The two categories of storytelling are telling a story about your brand or your customer. Yet, telling a story about your customer is the latest trend in the world of digital marketing and could benefit your construction business.

This technique works best for B2C construction companies. If your company is B2B, you might be better off telling the story of your brand on your homepage. For example, you can emphasize your safety goals instead.

Keep Key Points

Whether you take the long or short homepage strategy, you should always keep your key points within them. Longer homepages can increase conversion rates to an extent. However, you have to know what your audience likes.

A long page can convey a story better but ensure the page doesn’t get too long. Infinite scroll is not ideal for a homepage.

The key points you should always include on a homepage are:

  • Offered services
  • Clients you service
  • Unique quality against competitors
  • Experience with customers or companies you’ve served
  • CTA

Most of all, it should be incredibly easy for customers to do business with you. Including a clear call-to-action (CTA) is necessary on the homepage and every page thereafter.

Highlight Specializations

Website design is more than making aesthetic-looking pages, you need to focus on the content to ensure your visitors are converting.

What does your construction company do exactly? This answer should be clearly stated out on your homepage.

If you have certain specializations, include that on the homepage as well. For instance, if you only build homes, don’t waste the time of those who are looking for builders for entertainment centers, hotels, etc.

If your business handles a variety of services, don’t only mention one or two of them on your homepage. You’ll want visitors to know all that you can handle or they will believe you’re not qualified for a project that you are qualified for.

Intuitive Navigation

The best web design ideas are ones that include easy and intuitive navigation. Since navigation often starts on the homepage, you’ll need to consider it during this phase of design.

In short, it is your responsibility to ensure your visitors can easily find the pages they are looking for. A great place to start is with a header menu that at least has these four main categories:

  • About
  • Services
  • Projects
  • Contact

The best website services will ensure that users have an easy time navigating their way around your site. These professionals know the ideal techniques for a proper user experience.

The most simple tip we can offer is to have the navigation menu visible at all times. If you plan on creating a blog, this is another page you’ll want to add to your menu.

Services Page

The homepage will include the services your business offers, but the services page is where you can go into more detail about each. If you can work on a variety of projects, it might be best to split those into sub-pages.

It is essential not to use industry jargon and instead use simple language that anyone can understand. Your visitors should have a clear understanding of what you can offer them.

On the services page, you should also include your service area. If you serve multiple communities, list them out.

Construction web development services will help you figure out if you can fit all of your services on one page or if you’d be better off using sub-pages.

About Page

An about page doesn’t have to be a long one. Customers don’t care to read through details about how a business got started and each member of the team.

Although these factors are important to add for experience purposes, too much detail can be a killer. Once you have your key points down, focus on how to give customers what they need or want.

Projects Page

The projects page is where you can show off all of your past work to give visitors a good idea of what to expect if they hire your construction company. The best way to showcase this is with professional photographs of your work.

Blog Page

To maintain authority as a reputable construction company in the industry, create a blog page and update it regularly. You can brainstorm with your staff about topics that your customers want to read.

More often than not, your business gets asked a lot of questions throughout the day. Take those questions and create content out of them to benefit visitors.

Contact Page

A contact page shouldn’t include a lot of text. This is the most simple page to create. Here’s what you’ll need to include:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Physical location
  • Service area map
  • Social media links
  • Business hours
  • Automated chat feature

The main thing you don’t want to forget on your contact page is a contact form. This is the CTA you’ll want your visitors to check and fill out. Test the form regularly to ensure you aren’t missing out on potential customers.

Additional Ways Construction Web Design Services Can Help

Construction web design services will help you create the ideal pages for your website, but the design process is much more than page creation. Here’s what else you can expect from these services:

Simple Design

Along with your homepage, all pages on your construction website should have a simple website design. Since user experience means everything to obtain and keep visitors, you’ll need to focus on consumer needs.

Currently, this is what users look for on a company website:

  • Organization
  • Easy navigation
  • Simple design
  • Monochromatic color scheme
  • Large and clean fonts

Construction web design services will help you meet all of these points on every page of your website.

Local SEO Optimization

As a construction company, most of your business probably comes from local projects. In general, the industry is hyper-localized which is why local search engine optimization (SEO) is key to website design.

To successfully use SEO, you’ll need to include geographically relevant keywords in your pages. You’ll also want to ensure your address information is updated to achieve quality local search results.

Along with SEO, you should optimize your website for mobile use. A lot of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Without using this practice, you could be losing out on a lot of potential customers.

If the navigation menu is visible, the text is legible without manually enlarging it, and there is sufficient space between links and buttons, the site is likely set up for mobile devices.

However, there is a lot more that goes into mobile optimization. You’ll want professional help to avoid a duplicate site and other common mistakes.

Client Testimonials

Customer trust is important in any industry, but especially in construction because of all of the regards to safety and quality work. To gain trust from potential customers, add client testimonials to your site.

Website services can help you decide the type of testimonial that will work best for your design and business mission. The different types include the following:

  • Quotes
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Case studies
  • Social media
  • Customer interviews
  • Authority
  • Peer review
  • Blog post
  • Press review

Because visuals are so important for website design, this could be the time to get creative. Using testimonial visuals is a great way to show off what your company can do.

Attractive Imagery

If you couldn’t already tell, attractive imagery is a must-have on a construction website. You should include high-quality images, preferably original photography. However, using affordable and free online images helps too.

On a home page, you can show what success looks like for someone who uses your services. This goes back to telling a story for your customer or about your brand.

On your services page, you can include a team member interacting with a customer. On the about page, you can include images of your team in action as well.

Businesses with blogs on their websites tend to be more trustworthy than those without one. If you plan to create a blog, use images to break up long texts on a page. Don’t go overboard with images, two is a good stopping point.

The contact page should include an image of your physical location. A map of the area is also beneficial especially if your business is not in an obvious place.

Capturing Leads

With the inclusion of an email sign-up form on your website, you will have a way to contact those who visit your website without scheduling a consultation or calling for construction services right away.

Those who leave your site without attempting to make a connection with your business are unlikely to come back again. When you have a way to contact them, you’ll be able to nurture a sale.

To influence visitors to sign up with their email, you’ll need to offer something of value to them. The best example offers are discounts or an informative e-book.

Regular Updates

Once your professional website is built by services you can trust, the process doesn’t end there. In general, you’ll want to rebuild your website every few years as design trends and visitor priorities change.

Luckily, web developers keep up with these trends so you don’t have to. The best services will ensure that your site is up to date whenever necessary.

Currently, a huge trend is website optimization. As people are becoming more impatient, they don’t want to spend too much time waiting for a page to load. Your website needs to perform as well as possible for your visitors.

Along with updates, you’ll need to make time for regular website maintenance to keep your site up and running.

Are Construction Web Design Services Worth It?

If you believe all of the tips in this guide will benefit your company, hiring construction web design services will be worth the cost. The professionals at Iconic Web Headquarter’s offer short-term and long-term help.

By hiring us, you’ll receive a unique construction website tailor-made for your business and maintenance services for needs down the line.

We know exactly what your business needs to gain leads and convert visitors to your website. Contact us now to get a proposal.

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