Google Ads
That Convert Customers

Reach High Intent Customers Ready to Buy

Google is one of the best platforms for quality leads. There is a fundamental difference between search ads and many other forms of advertising. When a customer is actively searching for a product or service, they are a much warmer lead for a business or individual than one who is created via a passive advertising platform such as Facebook. The result is much less time and effort required by a business and much higher conversion rates for sales.

We Build Campaigns That Work

High Intent Customers

Google Ads is an exceptional platform for targeting high-intent customers who are actively looking for a product or service. Compared to other advertising methods, customers who find you through Google Ads are far more likely to make a purchase immediately or make a decision much quicker.

Not Just Google Ads

We’ll work with you to optimize every step of the path a potential customer takes before they take action. In addition to finding the right audience, we’ll find the right ad content that speaks to your audience and helps build that incredible landing page that calls for action when the customer reaches it.

Advantages of Google

Maximum Relevance

Google puts you in front of thousands and thousands of people who are actively looking for your product or service. This makes you highly relevant and much more likely to convert a visitor into a sale.


Google Ads are found on a wide variety of websites on the internet today. This makes the platform perfect for reminding visitors about your product or service. By putting your brand in front of them often, visitors will be much more likely to consider working with you rather than a brand they clicked on once and forgot.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest advantages to Google Ads is the full control over costs you have. You can scale your campaign and spend anywhere from $10 to $5,000+ per day and by working with a professional, your costs should actually decrease over time.

Detailed Reports

The old marketing adage “Half the money I spend in advertising is wasted, the trouble is, I don’t know what half!” is gone with Google Ads. You’ll be able to see exactly where your money is spent and what is and isn’t working.

We ❤️ Our Incredible Clients

“True professionals in their field!”

Kody is a true professional in his field! He is very easy to work with and provides clear concise advice, while still listening to my ideas and preferences. He gave me exactly the DJ website that I envisioned-professional, informative and very user-friendly! I would absolutely highly recommend his services and look forward to working with him on future projects going forward!

Titus Huyghue, Titus Touch Music

“Excellent Customer Service”

Excellent work! Excellent customer service! I call Kody at weird hours of the night, and he always answers and fixes my issue! Would not use another company ever!

Matt McEvoy, Time 2 Shine BMX

“Gladly recommend them!”

Kody is an answer to prayer. He’s responsive, listens, and is totally honest. He gets his work done on time, and it’s done right. One of my biggest requirements is that IT people share info with me so I can be independent and keep down costs. Another major requirement is no salesmen! Kody is a straight shooter. I have gladly recommended him to multiple business associates and will continue to do so.

Anne Weston

“Know what they’re doing!”

The Iconic Web HQ team has been great to work with. Very smart guys! that do a very good job. They know what they are doing and get things done promptly, and most importantly correctly. Highly recommended!!!

Scott Lease, Eastland Advertising