Clean Up Your Presence & Delete Duplicates

One of the biggest hidden issues your business faces with the way it looks online is the inconsistencies between different websites. Google looks at all websites your business is mentioned on, such as Yelp, Facebook, Yellow Pages, etc. and looks for consistent and concise data. If your phone number, address, hours of operation, description or other data points are different, that is a big issue in Google's eyes because now they can't confidently give their users accurate information about you. That is where we come in, providing you access to clean up the way your business looks across the web. We manually reach out to these companies and request them to update your business details on your behalf.

Another competing factor with your business may even be yourself. De-duplicating your online directory listings means going in and deleting any "double" listings for your business on any one website. So if you have 3 different references to the same business name & location in Yelp, we will resolve this for you.

100% Fully Manual Listings on 15 Business Websites

We will actually manually reach out and publish your business details on many business directory websites. This includes some of the "Big Guys" listed below, but also more importantly, relevant, local directory websites specific to your industry and niche. What this means is that instead of just publishing your company on the same 25 directory websites that we publish our other clients on, we first do the research to decide on which sites would work best for your business and then execute based on that plan.

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