With our 2-Step Lead Form development and setup, you will maximize your chances of converting visitors into customers. This is one of our many tricks of the trades that will make the relationship with your business even more successful on top of all of the other small but important things we are including to maximize the success of your website initially and ongoing. Here's how the 2-Step Lead Form system works:

  • We will split your website contact form(s) into two steps.
  • The first step or "page" will include basic information such as Name, Email, Phone.
  • The visitor will click "Next" or "Continue" and be greeted with a few other questions that are completely up to you and your business/industry. For instance, we ask visitors at this step questions like, what is your business name, what is your website address, etc.
  • If a visitor fills that second form out, great! We have a completed form and you'll get notified.
  • If they forget or change their mind, we still captured their data on step 1 and can notify you of the contact details so that you can still call them to qualify the opportunity for your business.

This is super powerful because often times website visitors don't want to waste time filling out a long-form. By splitting it up, we are able to "kill two birds with one stone." That is, we make it far less intimidating for them to contact you by only showing small bits of your questionnaire at a time, and we make it so that we can capture their contact details if they ever leave during the contact process. A major win!

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