We'll include three (2,000 Word) well-researched SEO Article(s) or content page(s) for your website each month. All of our SEO Articles include the following:

  • Professional Research & Topic Suggestion - Skip the guesswork on deciding what is going to work when you write new content on your website. You may be writing the best advice in the world on "Where to order the best pepperoni pizza" but if only 10 people per month are searching for that topic and 100 people are searching for sausage pizza, you are missing out on a huge untapped potential simply from lack of initial research/planning. It is the same amount of work and time to write about both topics, so we help you find winning subjects that have a healthy balance of monthly search volume and difficulty among your competition.
  • Keyword Focused Title & Meta Descriptions - We'll help you write and post the correct title to get the most traction in search engines. Your content will be well supported by a highly relevant and focused title and meta description and show up the right way in Google.
  • Featured Article Photo - We'll help you pick one of your company photos, customer photo, or paid stock photo to showcase alongside the article or content page on your website. This provides a more clean and professional appearance on your website and helps break up the content so that you do not have too much text on the page.
  • Category & Tag Suggestions - If we are helping you with your website, we can also help post your blog in the best category and help with the tagging process to give it even more organization and boost. As a fully managed service, we will even post and schedule your content throughout the month.

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