Ongoing Essential Service -Believe it or not, most of the success and benefit of your website comes from the effort made after it’s initially launched. Search engines and potential customers like seeing dynamic, fast, and well-taken care of websites when they find you online. As an Iconic Web Headquarters client, we'll be your first point of contact if you have any questions, need changes, or have other inquiries regarding your new website. We'll take care of everything for your business regarding upkeep so that you never have to worry about your website breaking down or getting slow

Website Maintenance Included - As part of your ongoing success plan with us, we go through a checklist each month to update plugins, update the theme, fix any broken links, make sure everything is working properly and running quickly, and much more. You'll be 100% covered with ongoing work performed each month.

  • Monthly secure updates to your website theme, plugins, and core.
  • Monthly server updates (if applicable)
  • Unlimited hours of bug or hack fixes if needed.

Hosting Included - Iconic Web HQ is a full-service marketing agency that will help you with absolutely everything you need to grow your business online. In regards to hosting, we handle 100% of the server and technical aspects for our clients and provide a no hassle, no worry experience for as long as we work together. You'll receive the following features and services all included in your monthly payment:

  • Superfast, Powerful Private Server Space - You’ll get full access to your account to control all aspects of the server (if needed).
  • SSL Certificate - We ensure every website on our server is fully encrypted with a FREE SSL Certificate ($129.99/yr value).
  • 2-3x Site Backups a Week - We’ll take regular full account backups and store them in an easy-to-access Google Drive folder. You’ll be able to access up to three months' worth of backups.
  • Better Experience - Unlike large hosting providers such as GoDaddy and BlueHost who will host your website alongside 10,000+ other websites on the same server, we have our very own dedicated server located in Houston, TX reserved only for our amazing client website. This ensures much better performance and reliability due to the exclusiveness.

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