Did you know that backlinks are a major part of developing a strong presence online? Our fully-managed Backlink/Domain Authority Audit will ensure that your website's domain authority grows and is maintained to keep a strong score. Your website's Domain Authority is a score from 0-100 that indicates how much authority you have with Google. A higher Domain Authority score means Google trusts your website and will most likely give you more chances to rank for new and larger keywords. Click here for a Backlink/Domain Authority Audit Demo Report. This report will be run monthly so we can always keep you up-to-date on your website's latest backlink status and domain authority score.

Included in the Report

  • Backlinks Totals: The total amount of backlinks pointing to your website. This also includes SEMRush's Authority Score, the number of referring IPs, and referring domains pointing to your website.
  • Backlinks Follow vs Nofollow: This section indicates how many backlinks have the follow or nofollow attribute on the link. A follow link means the publisher on the other website is telling Google that your website is trusted and to push through the referral to your website. A nofollow link means the publisher on the other website is telling Google that your website is not trusted and not to push through any referrals to your website. Nofollow links do not affect the Domain Authority of your website because that information is blocked.
  • Backlinks Types: There are many different types of backlinks. Some examples include text backlinks, image backlinks, form backlinks, and frame backlinks. This section will give you an overview and count how many different types of backlinks your website has.
  • Backlink Audit Summary: Learn more about the overall toxic score of your website's current backlinks. Not all backlinks are good for your website. This section will immediately indicate if there are any toxic backlinks that need to be sent to the disavow list.
  • Backlink Audit Domains by Toxic Score: This section breaks down and shows the number of backlinks that are either non-toxic, potentially toxic, or toxic links.
  • Backlink Audit Anchor Types: View a breakdown of the different anchor types for your website's backlinks. This shows you how many links are organic, empty, naked, compound, and more.
  • New & Lost Backlinks: View when your website gained or lost backlinks throughout the past 6 months. This section is good to look at to see when there were large movements in the number of backlinks your website has.
  • Backlinks Top Referring Domains: A list of the top five referring domains that have backlinks pointing to your website. You can also see how many backlinks each referrer is pointing to your website, the country they are located in, and their IP address.
  • Backlinks Top Indexed Pages: A list of the top five top indexed pages on your website. You can see how many backlinks are pointing to each of your individual pages on your website.
  • Backlinks Competitors 20: This section includes a list of your website's top twenty competitors, their competition level in relation to your website, the amount of common referring domains, total referring domains, and the total number of backlinks they have.
  • Domain Authority Audit: View a line graph of your Domain Authority history for the past year.

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