Here are all of the details we can think of about how commissions will be calculated as part of sales on your brand's website. As a brand owner and partner to us, here is how you'd capitalize on the matching market:

  • Utilize our CCG (Color Code Generator) Software - $3.00 Per Sale
    • Automatically colorize your designs and match to 6,000+ existing products (as well as all future products)
    • Uploading Products takes minutes, not hours to complete
    • Changing of previously uploaded designs are instant across all previous collections
    • Latest release dates are automatically shown on your website

Add-On's - In addition to the above options for sales on your brand's website, we also have the following additional opportunities to capitalize on your customers and/or designs:

  • Add-On 1: Sell Your Designs on Other Sites - $2.00 Per Sale
    • Allow other brands to select your designs to sell on their website.
    • Each sale will result in a direct payment to you.
    • Your branding and logo will appear on the product image
  • Add-On 2: Sell Other Designs on Your Site - $1.00 Per Sale
    • Pick and choose what other designs you'd like to be shown on your website from other brands or sneaker sites in our partner network
    • You do not have to do anything from designs, to fulfilment or more.
    • Product images will show the designers brand/logo

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