With Iconic Web HQ's Service, you get an unlimited quantity of professional business email accounts to use for your business all included. We'll take care of the full setup of your new business emails and provide support for you if you need any assistance accessing them or connecting to your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Get a professional presence for your business such as [email protected]
  • Sync the emails directly with an existing Gmail account so you can send and receive from the new business email.
  • Connect your Phone, Tablet or Computer to your business email account to send/receive.
  • Access all email accounts on your server to see the activity of other users if necessary.
  • Suspend or delete users on your server as needed.
  • Create an email for everyone in your company and even create aliases such as [email protected] that your entire team can access. We have an email set up for our company ([email protected]) that forwards all incoming emails to everyone on our team. We could set up the same for you.

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