An efficient way to increase sales is by gift cards

Have you ever had the unpleasant feeling of having to find a present for someone, but not knowing what to buy? 99% of the time, that kind of uncertainty stops your customers from completing their order.

The same happens on your shop. Customers come to purchase a present, browse the catalog in search for an idea, but they are not sure about what the receiver would like most and have many doubts: how does the refund policy work in case the product is not well received? Or if the size was not the right one? And what happens if it did not arrive on time?

A study by the Nielsen Norman Group on a sample of people who usually purchases on the internet has proved that when they receive a present, they appreciate it more if it is in the form of a gift card.

A gift card makes life for both your customer and the person who receives it a lot easier. This is the reason why gift cards have become more and more popular, to such an extent that 98% of shops – and not only virtual shops – use them to increase sales volume and to loyalize customers.

Core Features to be Implemented by Iconic Web HQ


  • Send gift card code by automatic email sending
  • Allow users to insert the gift card amount
  • Set minimal amount that user can insert for gift card New
  • Choose a different image for each gift card
  • Choose if and where to show the shop logo on the gift card
  • Offer a percent discount on the gift card price (both for virtual and pre-printed gift cards) New
  • Choose the action to make when the associated order acquires the “Cancelled” status or it has been refunded
    • suspend the use of the gift card
    • disable the gift card (in this case it couldn’t be used for any other purchase)
  • Create a gallery of images that could be associated to gift cards during the purchase
  • Sell physical gift cards (pre-printed)
  • Place the 'apply gift card code' form on different places in the cart and checkout page New
  • Verify the email sending status of the gift code
  • Send the gift code or a link manually in case of error New
  • Attach PDF to gift card email New
  • Disable the gift card manually
  • Verify the original and current amount of each purchased gift card
  • Give a gift coupon referring to a specific product of the shop: the coupon acquires the same value of the product and it will be suggested in the email
  • Disable Gift this product option through the related checkbox on the product edit page New
  • Create the gift cards from the back-end
  • Edit the gift card details from the back-end
  • Update the gift card balance from the back-end without creating a new order
  • Manage the stock of “Gift Card” products
  • Override the default templates of the gift card sent by email
  • Set the expiration date for the gift card
  • Set a minimal amount of the cart in order to apply gift card New
  • Show the email address linked to each gift card on the Cart page
  • Integration with WC Smart Coupons: convert Store Credit / Gift Certificate coupons created with it into new Gift Cards


  • Insert sender’s name and a customized message
  • Specify more recipients for the same gift card typology (an email with the code associated to the gift card will be sent to each recipient)
  • Postpone the gift card delivery until the specified date
  • Change the image of the gift card by choosing from a personal one or from the gallery the administrator made available
  • Receive an email every time the purchased gift card is used
  • Purchase a gift coupon referring to a specific product of the shop: the coupon acquires the same value of the product and it will be suggested in the email
  • Verify the status and the amount of the gift cards he/she owns
  • Use the gift card to pay the total amount of the order or part of it

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