Before we begin your campaign, we will run a Full Site Audit Report to uncover all present errors, warnings, and notices related to your website. This will immediately create a game plan for how we will start to fix and completely optimize your website to have a Site Health score of 90% or above. Click here for a Full Site Audit Demo Report. This report will be run monthly so we can always keep your website optimized for Google at all times.

It is critical to keep your website up-to-date and optimized for SEO to have the best possible chances of ranking well for new and existing keywords on Google.

Included Optimizations:

  • XML Sitemap Submitted to Google Search Console: Your XML Sitemap tells Google about all the pages on your website. This allows Google to crawl each page on your website and then decide which pages should be indexed in the search results of Google. We make sure that your XML Sitemap is optimized and in the best format for Google to read and crawl so your website has the best chance of ranking well.
  • Robots.txt File Setup: The robots.txt file on your website tells search engines where they are welcomed on your website and which pages are off-limits and should not be accessed. After we optimize the robots.txt file, Google will have a better understanding of how your website is set up/built.
  • Rank Math Pro Installation: Rank Math Pro is a revolutionary premium plugin that we have access to which allows us to create your website's sitemap and edit your website's schema and title tag/meta descriptions. Rank Math Pro has a lot of features to insert metadata about the website and company for Google to read and index on search engines.
  • Title Tag/Meta Description Optimization: Each page on your website needs a Title Tag/Meta Description. This information tells Google and users what the page is about and how it should be read. Each Title Tag/Meta Description will be re-worked to include SEO keywords and proper wording to catch the attention of Google and users searching the web for a better click-through rate.
  • Heading Structure Optimization: Every page on a website is supposed to follow a proper heading structure. We properly restructure the headings to display in the correct order and also make sure the headings properly describe the following text and content. A proper structure for your headings allows Google to read through your page with ease which may lead to better search results because your page has a higher readability score.
  • Schema Optimization: A website's schema contains lots of metadata about different elements on your website to provide search engines like Google with a seamless way to know what your website is and what it is about. For example, every video that is embedded on a website should have a schema telling Google the title of the video, a description, thumbnail URL, and the video link. This makes all of the data accessible to Google so they can properly display your website and data to users.
  • Web Core Vitals Optimization: Web Core Vitals measure a user's experience loading a website. There are lots of optimizations to implement to make sure your website's performance, responsiveness, and visual stability are in good condition. Your Web Core Vital score is one of the many determining factors to Google of how well you will rank on search engines.
  • Contact Form Alert Verification: As part of the optimizations, we make sure that all contact forms on the website are correctly set up and will properly notify you of any new submissions so you will never miss a new lead or submission through your website.
  • Contact Form Abandonment Setup: We will install and set up Form Abandonment which means if a user starts to fill out a form on your website and doesn't complete the form, you will still receive the information they filled in. This gives you the opportunity to try and save the new lead as you will still most likely still receive their name and email to reach out to them.
  • Contact Form 2-step Form Setup: To increase your conversion rate for contact forms on your website, we will implement 2-step forms where we are able to. This means the first page of the contact form will gather essential information such as the user's name, email, and phone number. Once they fill this information out, they will then be prompted to fill out the rest of the form with any other information you would like to collect.
  • Mail Logging: We will implement mail logging to track all emails being sent to and from your website just in case it doesn't reach your inbox correctly. This ensures that all emails are logged to be referenced back to in the future.
  • Anti-spam Setup: Additional anti-spam tools will be implemented to make sure that all spam comments, reviews, and submissions will be blocked or moved to spam folder to reduce the amount of bad submissions going through the website.
  • Broken Link Checker: Our broken link checker will be installed and will notify us of all broken links on the website that we need to either redirect, edit, or delete to ensure a working website without hurting the user's experience.
  • Website Caching Optimization: In addition to our extremely fast and secure server hosting your website, we will also implement Litespeed server caching in addition to Cloudflare domain caching. This will drastically increase your website's speed and will display the most clean and optimized version of your website. This includes minifying your website's CSS, JS, and HTML. This will also covert all of the images on your website to WEBP format and enable Lazy Load for images to allow for the content of the website to load first. This helps increase the quickness of your website.
  • Force SSL Implementation: We make sure that all traffic going to your website is secure using the HTTPS protocol. This ensures no traffic can come from the HTTP insecure protocol. This is especially important for eCommerce websites to keep all of the customer's data secure.

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