This is a unique and ambitious lead tracking platform designed and maintained by Iconic Web HQ. With this tool, you will be able to see all your leads and where they are coming from at a glance. This removes the need for you to go back and forth between all the different avenues that your leads are coming from. Leads HQ effectively closes any gaps where "missed " leads or abandoned leads might end up. Our goal with this is to give you a cutting-edge tool that will continue to adapt and improve to make sure you have the best resources to run your business. A quick overview of this system includes:

Lead Tracking

  • Call Tracking - With our platform, we will be able to track every phone call that comes through on your website and any other marketing campaigns you have set up (with custom tracking numbers.) Additionally, our call tracking tool will record the audio of each call so you can go back and listen to the call or read the transcript of the call. This tool also includes automated spam blocking where we use a list of known spammers to eliminate bad calls.
  • Web Form Tracking - After we install our tracking script, any and all data will be tracked when a user submits a form on your website. This includes capturing the source, medium, keyword, lead page, IP address, location, and message of every submission. Even users who fill out only half of the form will still be captured through abandonment form tools. All of this information will give you an upper edge and a better chance to win your next deal.
  • Chat Tracking - If you have a live chat widget installed on your website, Leads HQ will save the full chat transcript alongside capturing lots of additional data about the user. This will allow you to be able to specifically cater to the end-user for the best service possible or to close your next sale.
  • E-Commerce Tracking - Advanced tracking data for each and every sale your website makes. You'll see the exact revenue each of your source/mediums bring in each day/week/month as well as learn far more than you'd ever imagine about your customers.

Lead Management

  • Search & Filter: Customize your dashboard and filter your leads so you can more efficiently organize and qualify new leads that are captured from your website or phone number. Search through all of your previous leads so you are always have the most accurate and up-to-date about your potential leads and clients.
  • Qualify Leads: Not all leads that come through are valid. We've thought of this, so we introduced a feature that lets allows you to label each lead as a quotable lead, spam, or duplicate lead. This allows you to not only view data but use Leads HQ as a tool to organize your leads even further and properly create a priority list of your qualified leads to contact.
  • Value Leads: After you have qualified your valid leads, you are able to give each lead a potential value so you can focus on the larger projects that will yield a higher return. You won't have to guess which leads you should be focusing your time on anymore because everything is easily sortable and data-driven.
  • Export Leads: Once you have qualified your leads and given each lead a potential value, you may export your list and use this data in a variety of ways. Some examples include exporting your leads to import into a CRM, mailing list, or for your own personal use to keep a log of potential leads.

Integrations and Tracking Mediums

Not only can our software track leads and data, but we are able to integrate our platform with over 1,000+ integrations to allow your business to work more efficiently without skipping a beat. These are just a few platforms where you can generate and track your website’s leads with our Leads HQ software.

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