We will animate key elements on your page (if requested) which add an additional layer of creativity and uniqueness for your business. Stand out from your competitors with a highly dynamic website with animated content.

If you have videos that you'd like to embed in your website, we will help integrate them as well as part of this element of your web design package.

We'll integrate your company videos as well as any other content directly within your website so that new content is always added automatically. Some of the included features will be:

  • Privacy and Consent - Improved privacy and GDPR compliance options like no-cookie, API restrictions, and a customizable GDPR consent message.
  • YouTube Gallery Capability (Channel and Playlist) - The ability to embed playlists and channels in a gallery layout. Your visitors can browse through pages of video thumbnails and choose from videos that are pulled from an entire YouTube channel or playlist.
  • YouTube Gallery Auto Continuous Play - Embed a playlist or channel gallery and allow it to play one video after the next without requiring viewers to click a thumbnail.
  • YouTube Live Stream - If you start a live stream on YouTube, your stream will automatically be picked up and displayed on the website.
  • YouTube Premieres - You can also embed premiere videos using the same method we created for live streams.
  • Simultaneous Playback Control - You can enable/disable the ability for visitors to have separate videos running at the same time on the same page. This also works with YouTube live streams and gallery embeds.
  • Improved Accessibility - By using title attributes for screen reader support, it should help your site pass functional accessibility evaluations (FAE).

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