A fresh installation of WordPress onto our server or another server of your choice is the first step to designing your website. WordPress is an interface that allows us to design your site and add content. A fresh installation is essentially a clean slate and lets us build yourbusiness.com from the ground up with a focus on performance, features, style, and any content deemed necessary.

All of our websites start with a fresh installation of WordPress. Why do we use it?

  • Any website can be built using WordPress. Blog, eCommerce, business, personal, doesn't matter. WordPress does it all!
  • WordPress is 100% SEO-friendly, which means higher search engine rankings and more traffic to your website.
  • There is a virtually endless amount of themes and plugins that are compatible with WordPress.
  • WordPress is COMPLETELY customizable and supports multimedia.
  • You are in control of your website. WordPress supports multiple users and features easy-to-use page builders.
  • WordPress keeps data safe and secure.

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