SEO Terms Glossary

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Anchor Text: The visible element of an HTML link. This is the part of the text you click on to access the link.

Anti-spam Setup: Additional anti-spam tools will be implemented to make sure that all spam comments, reviews, and submissions will be blocked or moved to spam folder to reduce the amount of bad submissions going through the website.

Backlink: A link from another website pointing to your website. The more high-quality backlinks you have pointing to your website, the higher your domain authority with Google will be which increases the chances of ranking well with Google.

Backlink/Domain Authority Report: This monthly report will outline everything you need to know about your website’s backlinks and domain authority. This report includes information related to backlinks totals, backlinks follow vs nofollow, backlinks types, backlink audit summary, backlink audit domains by toxic score, backlink audit anchor types, new and lost backlinks, backlinks top referring domains, backlinks top indexed pages, backlinks competitors 20, and a domain authority audit.

Backlink Audit Anchor Types: A breakdown of the different anchor types for your website’s backlinks. This shows you how many links are organic, empty, naked, compound, and more.

Backlink Audit Domains by Toxic Score: The number of backlinks that are either non-toxic, potentially toxic, or toxic links.

Backlink Audit Summary: Learn more about the overall toxic score of your website’s current backlinks. Not all backlinks are good for your website. This section will immediately indicate if there are any toxic backlinks that need to be sent to the disavow list.

Backlinks Competitors 20: This section of the Backlink/Domain Authority Audit Report includes a list of your website’s top twenty competitors, their competition level in relation to your website, the amount of common referring domains, total referring domains, and the total number of backlinks they have.

Backlinks Follow vs Nofollow: This section indicates how many backlinks have the follow or nofollow attribute on the link. A follow link means the publisher on the other website is telling Google that your website is trusted and to push through the referral to your website. A nofollow link means the publisher on the other website is telling Google that your website is not trusted and not to push through any referrals to your website. Nofollow links do not affect the Domain Authority of your website because that information is blocked.

Backlinks Top Indexed Pages: A list of the top five top indexed pages on your website. You can see how many backlinks are pointing to each of your individual pages on your website.

Backlinks Top Referring Domains: A list of the top five referring domains that have backlinks pointing to your website. You can also see how many backlinks each referrer is pointing to your website, the country they are located in, and their IP address.

Backlinks Totals: The total amount of backlinks pointing to your website. This also includes SEMRush’s Authority Score, the number of referring IPs, and referring domains pointing to your website.

Backlinks Types: There are many different types of backlinks. Some examples include text backlinks, image backlinks, form backlinks, and frame backlinks. This section will give you an overview and count how many different types of backlinks your website has.

Branded vs Non-Branded: This will give you the exact breakdown in a pie chart and show the percentages between Branded and Non-Branded Keywords your website is currently ranking for.

Broken Link Checker: Our broken link checker will be installed and will notify us of all broken links on the website that we need to either redirect, edit, or delete to ensure a working website without hurting the user’s experience.

Call Tracking: Our Leads HQ platform has the ability to track every phone call that comes through your website or any other marketing campaigns you have set up (with custom tracking numbers). Additionally, our call tracking tool will record the audio of each call so you can go back and listen to the call or read the transcript of the call. This tool also includes automated spam blocking where we use a list of known spammers to eliminate bad calls.

Chat Tracking: Our Leads HQ platform will track live chat widgets on your website and save the full chat transcript alongside capturing lots of additional data about the user. This will allow you to be able to specifically cater to the end-user for the best service possible or to close your next sale.

Contact Form 2-step Form Setup: To increase your conversion rate for contact forms on your website, we will implement 2-step forms where we are able to. This means the first page of the contact form will gather essential information such as the user’s name, email, and phone number. Once they fill this information out, they will then be prompted to fill out the rest of the form with any other information you would like to collect.

Contact Form Abandonment Setup: We will install and set up Form Abandonment which means if a user starts to fill out a form on your website and doesn’t complete the form, you will still receive the information they filled in. This gives you the opportunity to try and save the new lead as you will still most likely still receive their name and email to reach out to them.

Contact Form Alert Verification: As part of the optimizations, we make sure that all contact forms on the website are correctly set up and will properly notify you of any new submissions so you will never miss a new lead or submission through your website.

Destination URL: The address that the link is pointing to.

Domain Authority: Every website has a domain authority score with Google ranging that 0-100 which indicates how much authority and trust Google has in your website. The higher your domain authority, the more opportunities and chances you will have to rank well on Google. To increase your domain authority, your website requires high-quality backlinks pointing to your website.

Domain Authority Audit: A line graph of your domain authority history for the past year.

Domain Rating: A metric developed by Ahrefs to show the strength of a website’s backlink profile relative to how many other high DR websites are linking to that website.

E-Commerce Tracking: Our Leads HQ platform comes standard with advanced tracking data for each and every sale your website makes. You’ll see the exact revenue each of your sources/mediums brings in each day/week/month as well as learn far more than you’d ever imagine about your customers.

Export Leads: Our Leads HQ platform allows you to export all of your leads and their data. Once you have qualified your leads and given each lead a potential value, you may export your list and use this data in a variety of ways. Some examples include exporting your leads to import into a CRM, mailing list, or for your own personal use to keep a log of potential leads.

Force SSL Implementation: We make sure that all traffic going to your website is secure using the HTTPS protocol. This ensures no traffic can come from the HTTP insecure protocol. This is especially important for eCommerce websites to keep all of the customer’s data secure.

Full Site Audit/Optimization Report: This report gives a detailed report about the technical aspects of your website. You will receive a site health score which is determined by how many issues are discovered in our full site audit. All issues are listed out in the report labeled under Errors, Warnings, and Notices. Errors are critical issues that must be fixed, warnings are import issues that would be very beneficial to fix, and lastly notices are suggestions to improve the website’s quality and health.

Heading Structure Optimization: Every page on a website is supposed to follow a proper heading structure. We properly restructure the headings to display in the correct order and also make sure the headings properly describe the following text and content. A proper structure for your headings allows Google to read through your page with ease which may lead to better search results because your page has a higher readability score.

Improved vs Declined Organic Keywords: See how many keywords you improved vs declined over the past month and the specific day the change was initiated by Google.

Leads HQ: This is a unique and ambitious lead tracking platform designed and maintained by Iconic Web HQ. With this tool, you will be able to see all your leads and where they are coming from at a glance. This removes the need for you to go back and forth between all the different avenues that your leads are coming from. Leads HQ effectively closes any gaps where “missed ” leads or abandoned leads might end up. Our goal with this is to give you a cutting-edge tool that will continue to adapt and improve to make sure you have the best resources to run your business. Features include call tracking, web form tracking, chat tracking, eCommerce tracking, search and filter, ability to qualify leads, value leads, and export leads.

Leads HQ Reports: Depending on your notification settings, you will receive an email notification for every new lead tracked on your website or through your phone number. In addition, you will also receive an email report at the end of the month with a summary of leads, their medium, and a list of the most popular converting page.

Live Link: Where the article containing your backlink or article resides.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization): A practice that increases the amount local organic traffic to a particular brand or organization on Google. This is completed through many practices which include reputation management, Google My Business setup/optimization, business citations/listings, and keyword research.

Mail Logging: We will implement mail logging to track all emails being sent to and from your website just in case it doesn’t reach your inbox correctly. This ensures that all emails are logged to be referenced back to in the future.

Meta Description: A description of the article that is used for Google Search Results.

New and Lost Backlinks: Number of gained or lost backlinks throughout the past 6 months. This section of the Backlink/Domain Authority Audit Report is good to look at to see when there were large movements in the number of backlinks your website has.

New Backlink Report: You will receive this report after a new backlink has been placed. This report will include information about the backlink’s anchor text, destination URL, domain authority, domain rating, the live link, and the publish date.

New Blog Post Report: You will receive this report after a new blog post has been placed. This report will include information about your article’s post title, meta description, keywords to optimize the article for, number of words, the live link, and the publish date.

New vs Lost Organic Keywords: See how many keywords you gained vs lost over the past month and the specific day the change was initiated by Google.

Number of Words: The number of words within the article.

Organic Branded Search: Determine how many keywords your website is ranking for are Branded Keywords (contain your business name) vs Non-Branded Keywords (keywords unrelated to your business name) so you can determine how many visitors are searching for your business vs finding your services organically on Google.

Organic Search Competitive Position Map: The position map displays a visual graph comparing organic search traffic vs organic keywords to your competitors.

Organic Search Keyword Position Distribution: This section allows you to view how many keywords you are ranking for in positions 1-3, 4-10, 11-20, 31-40, etc.

Organic Search Keywords Chart: View the number of keywords your website is ranking for the past year. This will show you the overall trend of keywords your website has been ranking for each month.

Organic Search Pages: The last section of the report includes a list of all of the pages on your website and a breakdown sorted by which pages your organic traffic visits from Google. This allows you to see which pages are getting the most traction on Google so you can revise or build up the pages that are getting looked at the most.

Organic Search Positions 1-100: This section of the report is extremely useful and gives you information about the top 100 keywords your website ranking for. Some of the data points you will have access to include the keywords, intent, position on Google, volume of searches each month, difficulty rating, cost per click, the URL the keyword it points to on your website, and the percentage of traffic that keyword generates for your website.

Organic Search Summary: Here you will see how many organic visitors your website has received in the past month and a percentage change from the previous month. You can also view your percentage change for the number of keywords your website is ranking for and a theoretical estimated cost for how much that traffic would cost if you ran advertisements instead.

Organic Search Top Competitors: Your top five competitors will be displayed along with how many common keywords they share with you and their estimated competition level.

Organic Search Top Keywords: Your top five keywords and their position, volume, CPC (USD), and traffic percentage are available to view.

Organic Search Traffic Chart: View your organic traffic amount for the past year. This will show you the overall trend of organic traffic your website receives each month.

Organic Traffic: Traffic arriving at a particular website without the help of paid advertising, social media advertising, or any promotions. Organic traffic is essentially free traffic through a search engine, such as Google, where the page was organically indexed and displayed during a search query.

Organic Traffic Analytics Report: This report gives you access to a revolutionary amount of organic traffic analytics related to your website every month so you have the data and tools to help you increase your business. This report includes information related to organic search summary, organic search traffic chart, organic search keywords chart, organic search top keywords, organic search keyword position distribution, organic search top competitors, organic search competitive position map, organic branded search, branded vs non-branded, organic search positions 1-100, new vs lost organic keywords, position changes new organic keywords, position changes lost organic keywords, improved vs declined organic keywords, position changes improved organic keywords, position changes declined organic keywords, organic search top competitors, and organic search pages.

Position Changes Declined Organic Keywords: View each keyword that declined position for the month along with lots of specific data points about each keyword as they relate to your website.

Position Changes Improved Organic Keywords: View each keyword that improved position for the month along with lots of specific data points about each keyword as they relate to your website.

Position Changes Lost Organic Keywords: View each keyword you lost for the month along with the data points and previous info as they related to your website.

Position Changes New Organic Keywords: View each new keyword you gained for the month along with lots of specific data points about each keyword as they relate to your website.

Post Title: The title of the article we optimized to include good quality keywords

Publish Date: The date the article containing your backlink or the date your article on your website was published.

Qualify Leads: Our Leads HQ platform allows you to qualify your leads. Not all leads that come through are valid. We’ve thought of this, so we introduced a feature that lets allows you to label each lead as a quotable lead, spam, or duplicate lead. This allows you to not only view data but use Leads HQ as a tool to organize your leads even further and properly create a priority list of your qualified leads to contact.

Rank Math Pro Installation: Rank Math Pro is a revolutionary premium plugin that we have access to which allows us to create your website’s sitemap and edit your website’s schema and title tag/meta descriptions. Rank Math Pro has a lot of features to insert metadata about the website and company for Google to read and index on search engines.

Robots.txt File Setup: The robots.txt file on your website tells search engines where they are welcomed on your website and which pages are off-limits and should not be accessed. After we optimize the robots.txt file, Google will have a better understanding of how your website is set up/built.

Schema Optimization: A website’s schema contains lots of metadata about different elements on your website to provide search engines like Google with a seamless way to know what your website is and what it is about. For example, every video that is embedded on a website should have a schema telling Google the title of the video, a description, thumbnail URL, and the video link. This makes all of the data accessible to Google so they can properly display your website and data to users.

Search and Filter: Our Leads HQ platform allows you to customize your dashboard and filter your leads so you can more efficiently organize and qualify new leads that are captured from your website or phone number. Search through all of your previous leads so you are always have the most accurate and up-to-date about your potential leads and clients.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): A practice that increases the amount of organic traffic to a particular website. This is completed through many practices which include technical corrections, keyword research, on-page optimizations, content strategy, content creation, and link acquisition.

Service HQ: Our advanced support portal that allows our clients to email us at any time of any day and get in touch with every member on the team. You can also sign in at any time to view past requests from yourself and every member of your company. Let us know how we can help you today.

Title Tag/Meta Description Optimization: Each page on your website needs a Title Tag/Meta Description. This information tells Google and users what the page is about and how it should be read. Each Title Tag/Meta Description will be re-worked to include SEO keywords and proper wording to catch the attention of Google and users searching the web for a better click-through rate.

Value Leads: Our Leads HQ platform allows you to value your leads. After you have qualified your valid leads, you are able to give each lead a potential value so you can focus on the larger projects that will yield a higher return. You won’t have to guess which leads you should be focusing your time on anymore because everything is easily sortable and data-driven.

Web Core Vitals Optimization: Web Core Vitals measure a user’s experience loading a website. There are lots of optimizations to implement to make sure your website’s performance, responsiveness, and visual stability are in good condition. Your Web Core Vital score is one of the many determining factors to Google of how well you will rank on search engines.

Web Form Tracking: Our Leads HQ platform tracks all data when a user submits a form on your website. This includes capturing the source, medium, keyword, lead page, IP address, location, and message of every submission. Even users who fill out only half of the form will still be captured through abandonment form tools. All of this information will give you an upper edge and a better chance to win your next deal.

Website Caching Optimization: In addition to our extremely fast and secure server hosting your website, we will also implement Litespeed server caching in addition to Cloudflare domain caching. This will drastically increase your website’s speed and will display the most clean and optimized version of your website. This includes minifying your website’s CSS, JS, and HTML. This will also covert all of the images on your website to WEBP format and enable Lazy Load for images to allow for the content of the website to load first. This helps increase the quickness of your website.

XML Sitemap Submitted to Google Search Console: Your XML Sitemap tells Google about all the pages on your website. This allows Google to crawl each page on your website and then decide which pages should be indexed in the search results of Google. We make sure that your XML Sitemap is optimized and in the best format for Google to read and crawl so your website has the best chance of ranking well.