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Phase One – Planning

Phase One – Planning

We start our web design journey together with an in-depth planning session to decide exactly how to organize your company information in the most effective and strategic way possible online. We’ll dive deep into your business and understand all of the ins and outs to ensure we get it right the first time when showcasing what you have to offer online. This step is critical and ensures your website is your #1 Salesperson, working 24/7/365 immediately from the day we launch.

Planning Usually Includes

  • Research & analysis of your competitors
  • Initial phone interview & in-depth Q&A session to learn all about your business
  • Initial content planning document to lay out all the pages and sections as well as uncover what we’ll need from you about your business
  • Get all contact Info, phone numbers, emails, address, etc within your company
  • Decide on-site features, functionality, and connections when leads/customers make actions on your website
  • Decide on photographs & art to use on the website including any stock photography and/or site icons
  • Decide on a clear call to action for each page

Phase Two – Design

At the design stage, you sit back and relax while we make plans on creative ways to showcase your content in a clean and organized way. We’ll send you tons of designs and show you many examples across the web to give you a clear picture of what your site and the sections will look like as the finished product. We’ll collaborate with you to decide on colors, fonts, and even a logo if you don’t have it already.

Design Typically Includes

  • Header, footer & general website design setup
  • Research of competitor designs & others in your industry or a similar one
  • Logo design if requested
  • Color & font planning. Headings, Navigation & Body fonts.
  • Custom graphics to complement existing text & media provided in planning
  • Layout of navigation & footer
  • Call to action banner & button design.
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Phase One – Planning

Code on Computer Screen (Development Phase of Iconic Web Design)

Phase One – Planning

Phase Three – Development

After extensive research, planning and graphic design decisions, we are finally ready to work on the interior content and functionality of your new website. This phase often goes swiftly since we put an incredible amount of time and care towards our planning & design processes. At this point, we work on the interior pages, functionality such as contact forms or ecommerce and behind the scenes stuff such as SEO.

Development Can Include

  • Homepage Design & Development
  • Interior Pages Design & Development
  • Integrated Contact Form(s)
  • Detailed Visitor Analytics Setup
  • Page by Page SEO
  • Image Optimization
  • Security Setup & Speed Optimizations
  • Setup of Client Business Emails
  • Mobile Optimization & Testing
  • SSL Certificate Setup
  • Ecommerce Setup
  • Newsletter Setup
  • & Much More Depending on Your Custom Site!

Phase Four – Website Launch

Finally we’re ready to launch your beautiful, fast, clean and modern website! We have a variety of final tasks in place to ensure launch goes perfect for you and has only positive impacts on your business. On average, site launch takes place approximately three to five weeks after we begin your project (although it can happen much sooner in many cases) and includes, but is not limited to the following objectives:

Website Launch Includes

  • Testing of all Links & Functionality on new website
  • Ensure 301 Redirects are Set Up if You Had an Old Site
  • Final Mobile Optimization Tweaks
  • 404 Page Setup / Check
  • Iconic Web HQ 100+ Point Quality Control Checklist
  • Document old Website Domain Name Settings (Just in Case)
  • Adjust Domain Name Settings to point to new website (Seamless Transition)
  • Launch Party (If you want to celebrate)
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Phase One – Planning

Ongoing Success Agreements Together

Phase One – Planning

Phase Five – Ongoing Success

Now that your site has been launched, the real work has begun. We’ll be your rapid responding, go-to team to handle all of your website needs for your business. Google & your customers hate seeing a website that doesn’t change, so we’ll be there too as your business grows and requires new information and content on it. Our all-inclusive web success services include:

Iconic Web Success Services Include

  • Blazing fast, reliable website hosting
  • 2-3x Secure, Off Site Backups a Week
  • Unlimited Professional Email Accounts
  • Security / Software Updates to Your Website
  • Unlimited Bug & Error Fixes
  • Website SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Newsletter & Facebook Messenger Consulting
  • Google My Business Consulting & Advice

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