What’s Included in Website Maintenance?

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Much like your computer or phone, updates are an important part of any piece of technology, both hardware, and software. When updates are ignored or not handled correctly, things can go wrong or worse, you or your customer’s data can be compromised. At Iconic Web HQ, we take care of all of the necessities of updating your website. Our advanced website maintenance program offers a whole package of services for one low month to month rate.  In addition to website maintenance, this program allows us to develop a relationship with our clients that last a lifetime. Our Advanced Website Maintenance includes:

  • Monthly secure updates to your website theme, plugins, and core.
  • Monthly server updates (if applicable)
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring – if your site goes down, we get an email and investigate.
  • Unlimited fixes of bugs or hacks if occurred during the service period
  • 30 Minutes of complementary design/development work each month or consulting.

At Iconic Web HQ, you are never considered just a number. You’ll get to personally know each of the team members and we’re available nearly around the clock for support and work needed. As part of our website maintenance, you as a business owner will never have to worry about your website working properly. We’ll take care of it from start to finish and ongoing and you’ll focus on what you do best and love – running your business.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about our monthly maintenance program. We have upfront service plans available on our pricing page and we can work with you on a custom plan if your needs are more or less than what our program offers. Ultimately, we’re passionate about building websites that last and will do whatever it takes to ensure your website stays performing great.

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