Why Using Social Media Is Beneficial to Your Company

So social media may not be your forte. However, these days you know that it’s more beneficial for your business to have it rather than not have any at all. So what do you do? For some, not everyone has the budget or the bandwidth to know where to start when it comes to hiring a social media expert. For some, that’s where Iconic Web HQ can help with our Social Media Strategist. When you create a website with us we take care of the difficult stuff so you don’t have to. As we have started to grow our team we found more and more of our clients wanting to expand into social media marketing. By bringing on a curated team of expert Social Media Strategists we can help you build a campaign that will not only fit your budget but wow your audience. 


The biggest key to social media marketing is being able to engage your audience. It has become an amazing tool to help you advertise, promote, and increase your revenue. The importance of having a social media strategy should also include how you are using social media, what you’re looking to accomplish, and what your goals are. 

Lead Generation

Another popular way that social media is used is by utilizing it as a lead generation tool. By using it this way you cannot only advertise your products and/or services but you will also generate potential leads for customers that are interested in your product or business niche.

Ticket to Success

While using social media has become an amazing tool to help you have not only a free form of advertising but it can also be a fantastic way to help measure the success of your business through various tracking tools. These days with just the click of a button you can see which posts are doing well and which are not quite hitting the mark for your brand. These analytics can also allow you to track the number of “clicks” that you are getting to your website. With backlinking tools such as Link T.ree, it can allow you to see who is traveling to your website from any platform that it’s listed on. 

Another Form of Customer Service 

In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, social media has become another effective tool for customer service. With social media, you can interact with your customers in real-time and communicate with them while on the go. By utilizing the chat feature that many social media platforms have these days you can answer questions, provide product updates, and address any kind of concerns that they may have all without having to log onto your computer or send an email that could end up in someone’s spam box. 

Improving Your Brand Awareness 

Not only is it a great way to interact with your audience social media is a great way to make people aware of your brand. It also helps to convey your brand message. It’s often a stress-free and profitable way to increase your business visibility. Applying a unique form of social media strategy will help you to significantly increase your brand awareness. However, many business owners feel that they don’t have the time to spend on their social media. This is why bringing in a Social Media Strategist is a great way to get a leg up on this method of digital marketing. While you’re running the business they can help you gain that visibility and heightened user experience by engaging with your users to create an enticing social media experience. 

Creating Brand Loyalty 

When you have created a great social media presence, it is often easier for you to not only find but connect with your audience. By engaging with these potential customers through your social media channels you are much more likely to have an upsurge in customer retention and loyalty with your brand. Often, developing a solid customer loyalty base comes hand in hand with growing your business and developing that bond with them. Social media is not just for introducing your products to your audience but is also a very effective way to launch promotional campaigns. When a new or old customer sees these platforms as various service channels where they can directly communicate with your business. 

Increasing Traffic

Social media is a helpful way to help drive traffic to other platforms such as your website. Sharing content with a specific marketing strategy, including your logo, website domain, etc. can help drive your audience to visit your website. This gives your audience a reason to click through your website. The more content you share to your social media platforms the more opportunities you have to gain inbound traffic opportunities and up your conversion opportunities. 

SEO Rankings 

Where you fall on Google is everything these days. Social media has also become a vital factor in calculating these rankings. That said, it’s no longer just enough to have a killer optimized website and regularly update your blog. Businesses who share their content on social media are sending out signals for their brand for search engines that speak to a brand’s validity, integrity, and constancy. 

Brand Authority 

To create more power for your business, brand loyalty and improving customer satisfaction all play a massive role. However, in the end, it is still going to come down to the communication that you have with your clients and customers. When your customers see your business posting on social media, replying to any questions or thoughts that they might have, or posting original content, all of these things help them to build a positive image of the brand in their minds. Interacting with your audience demonstrates your concern for them as a business. As a result of having satisfied customers, they will be vocal about their positive interactions with your company. It will help you to advertise by having genuine reviews that speak well for your brand and create more conversion opportunities. 

While still a fairly novel form of marketing it is rapidly becoming the norm for how companies communicate with their customers and clients. When setting up in the beginning it is largely trial and error to see what is going to work best for your platform in terms of posting. Start by building your content, testing it, and investing in your strategy to gain a return on the investment you are making. 


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