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Are you ready for your very own ace up your sleeve when it comes to your ecommerce store? How about 100 aces? By working with Iconic Web HQ, you’ve got access to even more than that. Within a day, we can connect your store to our arsenal of integrations, tools, and other software and you’ll have your socks knocked off with the new ways you can engage with your customers and grow your brand.

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Hundreds of Features to Manage Your Store

With Iconic Web HQ, running your online ecommerce business has never been easier. 

When you become a client with Iconic Web, we’ll hook you up with some really advanced stuff to make managing your ecommerce store a breeze. You’ll get access to a suite of 100+ tools and software that out of the box is not included or normally costs thousands to build out or integrate. Real-time analytics, unlimited powerful customer and order segmentation, product insights including COGS, incredible customer engagement tools, unlimited email automation and much much more! Our ecommerce tool belt is large, and as a client, you have unlimited access to the same tools that the pros use.

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Automatic Customer Email Marketing

Send automated emails, coupon codes and more effortlessly.

With the tools we provide your business, you’ll be able to set up an unlimited number of automatic emails based on specific rules you set. For instance, you could email customers when their last order is greater than 3 months old, or when they have purchased more than $500 in their lifetime with your store.

Abandoned Cart Email Program

This feature is a powerful one and could save $1,000’s in revenue.

We have the ability to track every single cart that is made on your store in real time. You’ll see a birds-eye view of what’s going on in your store at any time including carts in progress, carts abandoned and carts completed!

Custom Email Digests

Create and send custom email digests to anyone on your team.

You’ll be able to send notifications for any period of time, with nearly any data points about your store that you’d like, to anyone on your team (or external parties). Use a DIY report builder to segment customers, orders, products and more and schedule on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or any other time period basis.

Advanced Analytics & Reports

A truly first-class experience you’ve never seen before.

As you grow in the online world, knowing your customer is more important than ever. With most online store platforms, that knowledge is limited, and often the same as your competitors. Our tools and software that we hook our clients up to give you a major edge over your competitors and allow you to make far better decisions with your store.

Powerful Segmentation System 

With hundreds of data points, you can segment almost anything.

Within minutes you can create custom segments of your ecommerce store’s customers, orders, promotions and much more. Want to only see customers located in a specific state? Need to find all orders with X product included? The possibilities are endless!

Costs & True Profit Reporting

Revenue means nothing if you don’t know your costs.

Out of the box, your store will be connected to powerful software that will let you input the actual cost of goods sold. With just a few clicks you can then run powerful reports to see expenses and ultimately find ways to cut costs within your products.

Integrations and Tracking Mediums

These are just a few platforms that integrate with the software we connect your store to when you are a client with Iconic Web HQ. You can empower your team within minutes with all the data you want regarding a customer, an order, products and more.