WordPress Website Maintenance Services
All-Inclusive, Total Hands-On Site WordPress Website Maintenance Support

We have over 10 years of experience managing hundreds of local and national client websites, ensuring they are always available, fast, functional, and up-to-date. We let you focus on running your business while we manage your website.

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Your Dedicated WordPress Maintenance USA-Based Support Team

Most of the success and benefit of your website comes from the maintenance and updates you make to it. Search engines and potential customers like seeing dynamic, fast, and well taken care of websites when they seek you out online. We take care of everything for you and ensure your business stays looking awesome online forever.

Core and critical website maintenance services such as malware & hack prevention, speed improvements & tune ups, page content changes, error & bug fixes, website monitoring, and general support are all part of our Web Maintenance Services.

Rest easy knowing that your site is monitored 24/7 for any errors, slowdowns, bugs, or downtime. Our maintenance team typically resolves issues before they’re even reported, allowing your site to always appear online and consistent.

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How It Works

We Talk With You

We schedule a call to see what immediate work you need for your website as well as estimate how many changes you’ll need over time.

Instant Access to Our Support Service Team

You’ll get a dedicated account manager who will be your go-to person you can email or call any time you’d like changes to your site or need support.

Ongoing Support

We’ll work on any immediate requests you need, and on a weekly basis we’ll perform any and all software and security updates for your site, ensuring you’re always up-to-date and secure.

24/7 Website Monitoring and Emergency Response

We use the best and most responsive tools in the industry to monitor your website for any hacks, bugs, or out-of-date software. In the extremely rare event your website goes down, we get notified and get it back up before you even notice it’s down.

Speed and Tune Up Each Month

As part of our ongoing maintenance, we are always ensuring your website is as fast and stable as it can get. Each month, we check to ensure your site is as fast as we can get it, and we immediately make changes to speed your website up.

Fast and Friendly USA-Based WordPress Support

With a team-based approach, you know that you are always receiving the most friendly, speedy, and effective website maintenance and update service possible. Prefer email? Send us a message and you’ll always see a familiar face sending the response, typically letting you know the task has been completed! Prefer to call in? You’ll always hear a familiar voice on the other end of the line, ready to help the second we pick the phone up.

What’s Included?

This is just an overview of what’s always included when we work with clients. It’s not a comprehensive list, and many additional “unseen” tasks specific to your custom website are included at no additional cost.

Get Started Today
  • Updates to Pages – Images & Text
  • new Pages, Forms or Other Features
  • Help with Errors, Bugs, and Hacks
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Speed & Tune Up Optimizations
  • Security Enhancements & Free SSL Certificate
  • Professional Business Email Accounts
  • Malware Removal & Security Hardening
  • Off-Site Backups & Recovery
  • Unlimited Software Upgrades
  • Unlimited WordPress Upgrades
  • Changes to SEO Titles as Requested
  • Changes to SEO Descriptions as Requested
  • Same Day Turnaround on Most Tasks
  • Email or Phone Support & Consulting
  • Events & Blog Page Additions / Updates
  • Image Editing & Graphic Design
  • E-Commerce Support & Updates
  • Help with Google Search Errors
  • Premium LiteSpeed Hosting
  • reCaptcha / SPAM Protection
  • Fix Broken Links & Buttons
  • CloudFlare Security and DDoS Protection
  • Plus Much, Much More!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re fair, upfront, and dedicated to 100% satisfaction among all of our clients.

Just like your computer, website’s get the same amount, if not more, of software and security releases to keep them secure and up to date. The digital world is always changing and your visitors are getting new devices every year. So we do all of the required behind the scenes work to always make sure your website is working perfectly on these new devices and minimize the chance of getting hacked.

By having a dedicated team to constantly maintain and manage your website, you minimize your chance of getting hacked and can always ensure that your site is working properly when potential leads visit it.

That depends on your current setup, which we can talk about on the phone. If your website is using a content management system such as WordPress, then we can help you make changes yourself.

We do a lot for each of our maintenance clients each month. This typically includes 30-50 software/plugin upgrades, content changes, phone/email support and many other great work that makes it a worry-free and hands-off experience for you.

Yes, sometimes we cannot make change requests due to the way your website was originally built, restrictions from your previous website provider or other reasons which we can talk about during your initial consultation.

Depending on what you send to us to change, it could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. If you submit a change request in the morning, 99% of requests will be completed by the end of business that day.

While there is no long-term contract, we do ask our clients to commit to at least a 12 month term with us so that we can establish the best relationship and value together. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with working with us, we are fair and can discuss cancelling before the end of the term.

Payment is handled with automatic credit card billing once per month on the day you sign up each month. We also accept automatic E-Checks or Mailed Checks if received at least 10 days before your renewal.

No, you’ll need a seperate plan for each website you request for us to manage/maintain. If you have more than one website, we can discuss bulk discounts and packages if desired.

Absolutely! Our services are billed monthly, so you’re certainly free to upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime during your service period. If you require more work in the summer time due to your business type than you do in the winter, then we can change our level of service accordingly.

No, we bill in 10 minute increments. Unused hours will not be carried forward to the next month.