Web Design for Townships & Boroughs
Easy to Use and Manage Websites for Small Governments

Having a township website is one of the best ways to ease access to government services tailored to meet the needs of residents. Just as it is for businesses and nonprofits, local government bodies and organizations can further decentralize effective administration of governance, and provide useful information to their constituents through a website.

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Professional Website Services for Townships & Boroughs 

In essence, web design for townships and boroughs focuses exclusively on developing modern, content-laden, and easy-to-use websites for townships, boroughs, municipalities, or any other local or district subdivisions representative of the government. 

Having a township or borough website can significantly reduce the number of phone calls and visits that government agencies receive daily. 

What To Look Out For When Designing a Township Website

Not sure what to expect when it comes to web design for townships and boroughs. See below for details on what you need to know. 

When you do reach out to a provider, ensure to focus on the following areas.

We’re a Web Design Company Offering Services for All Townships and Boroughs

Iconic Web provides web design services tailored to meet your unique needs to manage all aspects of your township online. We bring towns and boroughs across the US into the 21st century with modern and feature-rich web design and maintenance services.

Creating the Right Website Pages for Townships

Once you have figured out who will be using the site regularly, the next important consideration is the pages that should be on the site. Typically, this will include: 

  • Home
  • About Us/History
  • Contact Form
  • Officials
  • FAQs
  • News Updates
  • Public Records
  • Blog

Additional pages may be created depending on the uniqueness of the township administration and other social services it is engaged in. Examples include:

  • Job boards
  • Recreation
  • Communities
  • Zoning
  • Community Maps
  • Policies
  • Trustee(s)
  • Board Members
  • Town Hall
  • Building Department
  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • Procedures
  • Guidelines
  • Community News
  • Local Businesses
  • Arts Gallery and Entertainment

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What Are the Main Benefits of Building a Township Website?

In addition to digitizing government administration in both urban and rural communities, townships and boroughs with functioning websites can deliver seamless governance to their tax-paying constituents. In light of the constant tasks that municipalities are continually burdened with, there’s a growing need to do more with less. 

Despite budget cuts, taxpayers continue to demand and expect better administration from local government representatives. Hence township administrations across the country must find new ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

One modern tool that can enable many cities, counties, townships, boroughs, and municipalities to achieve governance at reduced cost and even better efficiency is a fully functioning website. Unfortunately, not many public entities use this resource to its fullest potential or even use it at all. Here are other exciting benefits that a properly designed township website can deliver:

1. Ease And Swift Dissemination of Useful Information

In a time when access to the latest information and updates in society is a need that must be met, local governmental entities, such as townships and boroughs, can leverage the power of the internet to share information with citizens. 

This is very important to protect citizens from false and misleading information and most importantly during emergencies, or providing traffic information, weather reports, publishing press releases, election results, and other time-sensitive information.

Additionally, having your township website optimized for accessibility and ease of navigation for both staff, visitors, and constituents goes a long way to ease government administrations. This means that people can do a lot through self-service, and the township won’t have to pay staff extra hours or might even need to cut down the number of staff on payroll to cut costs.

2. Free Publicity for Government or Community Events

Instead of running expensive billboard ads or paying media outlets to publicize government events or community activities, such as festivals, fundraisers, healthcare services, or other announcements related to township administration, a township website can serve as a platform for free publicity. 

The same way businesses use their websites to promote their brands, products, and services, townships and boroughs can use their websites to promote local events. Residents can always refer to the site to stay updated on upcoming events, such as parades, town hall meetings, etc.

3. Increased Taxpayer Satisfaction 

You can be sure that people who are governed are equally consistent with recent developments in the community. And if the administrators get it right, they are appreciated for their work. As expected, the reverse is the case when local government representatives fail. A project as simple as building a township website can help to promote the work of the government at local levels.

4. Compliance with State Policies

Aside from bringing the dividends of good governance closer to those being governed, getting a professional web design can help local governments comply with important state laws and policies. Some examples are Section 508 of the American Disability Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). 

In light of this, when choosing a township or borough web design expert, it’s important to work with website design professionals experienced in designing township and county websites. This is important to ensure the website and its content are easily accessible to everyone. Failure to meet specific website guidelines for accessibility could lead to legal issues between constituents and the township leadership.

5. Promote Municipality Initiatives

Websites can be used to enhance the initiatives of any administrative district. For instance, the town can decide to promote a new social program through its website. The website can be used to disseminate information on the program, outlining the details and important instructions. 

6. Communicate with Constituents

To foster healthy communication and exchange of feedback with constituents, township and borough authorities can create a website with a section dedicated to receiving and addressing feedback from constituents. The local government simply needs to engage a company with experience in professional web design for townships and boroughs to create a website with an easy-to-use feedback form or online questionnaire to enable feedback.

Responsive Website Solutions For Your Municipality

As the pace of technology and business has evolved, so too have user needs. The days of cramming content into a single column and leaving it there are long gone, replaced by a shift to responsive web design—where your website adjusts to fit the current device size and maintains its optimal readability and usability.

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We want to provide our clients with more than just websites that look great in every browser, regardless of screen size: we want them to also offer an exceptional user experience.

The good news is that responsive web design isn’t just for large townships and municipalities. Instead, we are able to provide affordable web design to boroughs of all sizes.

This is a crucial component of any custom new build or website redesign to ensure that you get an optimized interactive experience for mobile devices.

We do everything we can to help our clients meet their business goals through a more robust and interactive website that connects with their residents.

Why You Need to Hire Professional Web Designers for Townships and Boroughs

Starting from conceptualization to the actual completion of the project, the advantages of working with an experienced web design company can hardly be overemphasized. It is one thing to have a website for your township, but another to have a website that is functional and user-friendly. 

This can range from creating a fantastic township logo to ensuring that your site does not suffer data theft and leakage of sensitive information. 

Additionally, an experienced web design company can help your township: 

Handle hosting: A municipality or county website design company gives you access to a CMS and hosting that takes care of the technical work involved in hosting your site. Other related services that you’ll enjoy include access to reliable firewalls and network providers.

Ensure security and data protection: With the rising spate of cyberattacks, it is not enough to just create a township website; local government and township websites should be protected from data breaches and data theft. By working with a professional, township and borough authorities can ensure adequate protection of information on the website. 

This involves using the latest cybersecurity and data protection features and certifications to keep the site secure. Most providers will provide you with detailed information about dealing with data theft, Disaster Recovery, DDoS Attacks, Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and other important site security parameters.

Our Incredible Custom Web Design Process

1. Design Consultation

We spend one or more hours one-on-one with you to get a clear vision of your design and content goals.

2. Design / Development

With your vision aligned with us, we’ll create your dream website with active communication with you.

3. Revisions & Feedback

Next we’ll go through two formal and complete rounds of revisions to tweak anything you want.

4. Launch & Marketing

When you’re ready, we’ll celebrate with a launch meeting and talk about marketing if desired.

What are Townships and Boroughs?

Townships are subdivisions of a county with some corporate powers. 

There are several government administrative activities that townships perform. This includes a broad range of services related to roads and traffic management, healthcare delivery, security, estate planning, housing, economic and community development, elections, fire services, environmental protection, and recreation services. 

Boroughs, on the other hand, are self-governing administrative units, which could be a town or district. Although boroughs are also a subdivision of a county, they are generally much bigger than townships.