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A franchise has a greater responsibility when it comes to showcasing a brand. While other businesses aim to build a brand and promote products or services through their website, franchises have much more to do. Franchise websites maintain the brand identity along with promoting individual locations.

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The Importance of Web Design for Franchises

One of the most effective ways to maintain brand identity is to have a thoughtfully designed website. Everybody, including you and me, judge a business by its web design and layout way before reading a single word. So, the website’s design has the power to shape the customer’s view regarding the brand. However, it is essential to understand the franchise’s goals before designing its website.

According to a recent survey, 38% of people stop engaging if the website design and its content is unattractive.

Franchise web design is comparatively tricky due to its complex nature. A franchise may have a network of independent websites for different locations or a stand-alone one. Whether the franchisors prefer to retain control by keeping all the franchisees’ sites under a single domain or giving subdomain names to different franchises, unifying the brand identity must be the utmost priority.

But how is branding unified throughout the website? The brand voice can be harmonized through a well-designed website and by consistently communicating its values.

Science and psychology both support the idea that people inherently react to good design. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in a good website design. Compromising on it may lead to reduced credibility, which you can not afford in a highly competitive business scenario.

Enabling the franchises to freely market their business while keeping the marketing message consistent needs in-depth planning and understanding of web design. Therefore, it is better done by the experts.

Components That Make Up Effective Franchise Web Design

Design is all about elements and principles, but the composition is what sets it apart. The branding isn’t just limited to a name or a tagline; it also includes typography, color palette, site padding, space and other guidelines.   Here are the components that result in a functional and flexible franchise web design.

What Does Sales-Driving Web Design for Franchises Look Like?

Achieving a consistent brand voice isn’t a piece of cake, but our experts are here to make this possible for you. Your franchise needs to have unified branding across its website. With over 250 successful websites, we know exactly how to keep your franchise at the top. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of a sales-driving website design.


Designing is far more complex in the case of franchise web design. The websites often belong to different franchise owners, and ensuring that everything is smooth and harmonious across them can be tricky.

But there’s nothing to worry about. Our experts know precisely how to structure massive data and provide a seamless experience resulting in an increased conversion rate.


Franchisees need to design multiple interfaces depending upon the target audience. Limited options in interface deprive the users of the satisfaction they expect while using a website.

Google rates mobile-friendly sites higher than those that aren’t, as 52% of web traffic is driven by mobile devices.
At Iconic Web, our dedicated team ensures to design effective mobile interfaces that provide a smoother and more inclusive user experience. This enables the visitors to convert into paying customers within a short span of time.


People like putting the least effort while strolling through a website. A website with a clean design will automatically have easier navigation, significantly increasing visitors and lead generation.

At Iconic Web, we test the navigation before launch to avoid any significant difficulties later on. Once the website is launched, it is difficult to recover from the impractical information architecture (IA).


75% of people judge a company’s credibility from its website design.

Websites show a business’ authenticity and seem professional. It establishes a mark through its design and encourages the users to take action without thinking twice.

Therefore, a credible website is crucial for a franchise as it helps maintain the brand, and the location adds to the credibility.


People spend more time on efficient websites. While designing a franchise website that is fast and has a compelling design is not so easy. After creating 250 websites, our experts know exactly how to make a website that is a treat for the eyes and mind.

Clean Design

The quality of web design is determined by how intuitive and responsive it is. Hence correct placement of text and images with balanced space is the way to go. Furthermore, the color palette heavily impacts the clarity of design and brand identity. You are losing out if you are not using colors to convey the brand’s message.


A smart web design focuses on functional design elements and optimization. People love a website that is fast and dynamic. SEO must be a fundamental part of web design to make it stand out, as a franchise must rate higher in search results. 

Recently Google announced an update to rank the top ten search results, which will impact websites drastically. The update is called “Core Web Vitals“. The three critical metrics you need to pay attention to are:

  • Largest Contentful Paint: LCP is the time taken for the content of a page to load.
  • First Input Delay: FID is the time taken by a page to become interactive.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift: CLS is the amount of unexpected layout shift of visual content on a web page.

Designing Great Digital Content for Franchises

Undoubtedly, web design can either make or break a business. Unlike the languages we speak, the language of design is universal. Designing great digital content pays in the long run.

Keep up with the trends and make your way to the top with a coherent and responsive web design. With years of experience, we guarantee an exceptional franchise web design that will set your brand apart. Contact us now for personalized franchise web design services, or visit our services page for more information!

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