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How Does This Work?

Please REPLY to emails to add more details, questions, or concerns about your original request. By keeping everything in one ticket, this will help our team answer you much faster.

Please Email [email protected] for all Website Updates, Bugs, Support Request, Questions etc. such as this one.

Please expect a response from someone on our team within 48 hours. This response could be a notification of the request completed, or we may be notifying you we are still working on it or need additional information. Often times, however, we are able to reply to you much sooner.

Billing Information:

  • Clients on our monthly Success Service Plan: First 30 minutes of support is free each month. Additional requests or updates are billed at 50% off ($120/hr) in 10 minute increments.
  • Clients not on a monthly service plan: All requests are billed at $240/hr in 10 minute increments. (Minimum 1 hour charge per support request)

You will receive an invoice by the fifth of the following month with accumulated time less your included support time each month. All invoices are due within 14 days of being sent to avoid late fees.

Have a billing question or request? Our support team does not have accounting dashboard/access. Please email any billing concern to [email protected]

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Visit our service portal at to see your existing requests and keep track of how many requests your organization sends each month.

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