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Leads HQ Tracking Software

Are you ready to see an increase in the amount of leads you are receiving through your website? Our Leads HQ software tracks each lead and gives you an in-depth look into where each lead came from. Organize and put a value to each lead so you can stay on top of which deal to close next.

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Our Leads HQ Generation and Tracking

What’s Included in Leads HQ?

Track and capture new leads and where they come from on your website. This is the only tool you will need to make sure you have all the information you need for all new leads through your website.

Features include capturing the source, medium, keyword, lead page, IP address, location, call recording, call log, form log, eCommerce transaction reports, valuing leads, qualifying leads, and marketing reports.

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Leads HQ Tracking Software
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Lead Tracking

Call Tracking, Form Tracking, Chat Tracking, eCommerce Tracking

Capturing leads and data has never been more seamless. As soon as our platform is integrated to your website, real-time data will start to be collected. You will receive an email for every new lead captured on the website.

Lead Management

Search & Filter, Qualify Leads, Value Leads, Export Leads

After you capture some leads, you are now able to organize and classify the leads based on value, if they are quotable, and where they came from. Get started building your empire of new leads.

Integrations and Tracking Mediums

These are just a few platforms where you can generate and track your website’s leads with our Leads HQ software.