How a Website Will Benefit Your Restaurant

Of all the businesses that are still dragging their proverbial feet on building a website, restaurants seem to be the worst offenders. While it is general knowledge that a business today needs a website, restaurants may think they are somehow exempt from this because they don’t understand the value that a website could bring. The fact of the matter is that not only could you benefit from professional restaurant web design services, but you need them if you are going to continue to grow and thrive. 

Having a website for your restaurant has several potential benefits, both for the restaurant itself and your brand reputation. First and foremost, it gives you the chance to compete with other local restaurants that have functional, well-designed websites already up and running. Keep reading to learn more about how you can benefit from professional restaurant web design. 

Meet Audience Demand

Today’s consumer searches for a lot of things on their phone, including local restaurants and new places to eat. If your location result only brings up an address and phone number, while other restaurants have a link to their website, users are most likely going to click on the ones with a website. Many people want to see menus, read reviews, and find out more about a restaurant before they commit to eating there. Build a robust website that gives them all the information that they need. When you do this, you will be meeting their needs and becoming an industry authority and trusted brand. 

Control Your Content

Yelp and Google reviews are great, but you don’t have much control over them. By having your restaurant website, you have full control over your brand and its reputation. You can choose who posts reviews and which ones get moderated. You will also be able to create a unique dining experience by keeping people up to date on upcoming and recent events at your restaurant. Rather than relying on the free tools of the internet, you should invest in restaurant web design services to set up a beautiful website that will give you total control over your brand. 

Lower Marketing Costs

Unlike print ads and media commercials, a website is cheap to operate, and nearly free if you can employ something like a WordPress site and do most of the work yourself. Even if restaurant design services are contracted for the initial design and setup, maintenance costs are minimal, and once the site is there, you can use it to provide updated specials, menus, operating hours, and other information to potential customers. As an ever-changing restaurant in today’s economy, being able to reach more people with a smaller budget is a win. 

Improved Search Engine Rankings

If a restaurant doesn’t have a website at all, they aren’t likely to pop up in search engines as often. Some might have a listing on Yelp or that shows up, but many will have Google’s location as a result, and that’s about it. By building a website and utilizing SEO (search engine optimization) practices, you will be able to gain exposure when people search for more than just your restaurant’s name. 

More Sales Opportunities

A restaurant is very limited on the options for satellite sales or additional transactions. Typically, people eat and drink, and that’s where the money is earned. By having a website, you can give the impression of exclusivity by offering online reservations or “book ahead” seating, which is a subtle way to generate more buzz about your restaurant. You can also use the site to sell gift certificates or gift cards, which are popular for many occasions and can help you find new customers in gift recipients. 

Offer Your Reviews and Testimonials

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have as much control over third-party content like reviews. Instead of trying to control those, you can counteract them with your customer testimonials. If your restaurant has ever been featured in the news or a food publication, you can also include that on the website to boost the brand credibility and show off a little. If you’re trying to get reviews, having a website that gives bloggers something to review will go a long way. 


In today’s internet-based society, it’s no longer about whether you need a website. It’s about what you’re missing by not having one. As a restaurant owner, your goal is growth and success. Why not utilize affordable solutions like building a website?

To learn more or get a quote on restaurant web design services, contact the team at Iconic Web HQ. We can help you create the perfect website for your restaurant and more. Call us at 717-687-1841 today.




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