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Google Core Update July (Core Web Vitals)

Google Core Update July (Core Web Vitals)

Google has a long and colorful history of algorithm updates. Indeed, Google is always updating its algorithms to ensure that it’s providing the most relevant and up-to-date content to users. The July 2018 update, or Google Core Update, is a change in how Google ranks websites for search results pages. It targets some of the core…

10 Ways To Improve Your Local Ranking On Google

10 Ways To Improve Your Local Ranking on Google

Investing in local advertising and using word of mouth are both great ways of generating business for your company. However, these days you’ll also need to think about how to improve the Google ranking of your business. Did you know that 97% of all search engine users make local searches, and out of all of the search…

Analytics Tools and Solutions for Your Business

Analytics Tools and Business Solutions

If you’re just starting with your small business, you may be struggling to grow a customer base. If your business has been going steady for a while, a sudden dip in sales can be a confusing surprise. In both cases, you’re flying blind if you don’t have at least one analytics tool tracking your business’s…